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About Daniel Belardinelli
Daniel Belardinelli was born and raised in New York City. His work has been classified in such categories as "neo-expressionist", "outsider", "self-taught" to "new generation art brut". His work has regualrly been shown at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, Folk Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and is hung in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. In April 2002, Belardinelli's painting "Serpant, Preacher and Persuassion" will be included in the "Revelations & Reflections of American Self Taught Artists" museum show at the Mennello Museum in Orlando, Florida.


Daniel Belardinelli uses pictographic street-markings on various surfaces to create a deliberate kind of unschooled graphic tableau. Combining random text and occasional legal terms (he is a non-practicing lawyer) his art makes poetic appropriations in a field of imagery that presents people, animals, and monsters as sub-human figures.




Daniel Belardinelli's paintings and drawings are a chronicle of his day-to-day life in New Jersey. Rife with Daniel's private lexicon of symbols and characters, his work is often funny, brash, in-your-face, and acid-tinged.
Daniel's paintings range in size, from small to huge. They will involve collage, and many layers of media, from denture cream to glitter paint and sharpies. His drawings on paper are just as dense, often incorporating text reflective of Daniel's nature.


New York "outsider" Daniel Belardinelli is always on the cutting edge of experimentation. These highly charged signs are an example of his recent foray into the world of "nail polish as an artists medium!"